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About Us


Who We Are

YFRC is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families living at the poverty In the greater SEATTLE area by providing easier access to education, training and other vital community resources. Our aim is to provide community programs to address the unique issues faced by various immigrant communities as as a whole. We annually host a summit that addresses the nutritional deficits, gang violence, substance abuse, and bullying in the immigrant and refugee communities.

Our Mission

YFRC mission is to serve at-risk communities by providing quality programs that nurture the emotional, social, physical, and total well-being with a commitment to provide excellence in all our services.

YFRC vision is to enrich the dignity and quality of life of at-risk children, youth, individuals, and families by eliminating barriers to opportunity to optimize health, well-being, and independence.

What We Do

YFRC offers youth enrichment programs, citizenship and English for Speakers of Other Languages Classes (ESOL) and support pathways that include: volunteer opportunities, skilled training, job placement, business supports and entrepreneur opportunities. These are just a few things that we offer. Additionally, we have a host of other program offerings available through our affiliate network

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Strategic Program Goals

Our goal is to help ensure and protect the continued growth of the youth within our various immigrant communities nationwide by addressing the issues they face directly. We will strengthen the family bond by promoting open family communication which will make the youth less susceptible to bad influences that may prevent them from success academic and lifelong success. By supporting strong, lasting relationships based on trust and integrity we will enable our youth to effectively compete on the global platform. In order to achieve these goals we feel it is crucial to help families focus on:

  • Academic Success, self confidence and self esteem
  • Job training, career planning and skill pathways
  • How to establish measurable, meaningful and motivational goals
  • Enhancing leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Managing conflict resolution and social responsibility

Our Events

Upcoming Fundraiser

This summer, YFRC is partnering with local area parties to have an event to remember. It allows noteworthy people and local area businesses to invest in our best resource yet, “Our children!” At this event we will have talent performances such as poetry readings, religious dance performances, special interest showings and give awards to local area individuals and businesses for their stellar leadership and community service. Don’t miss out on this event. For ticket information please contact communication director at 206-592-6192. The YFRC summer fundraiser event will in person. Social distance and covid-19 protocols will be followed. Please Join us to make difference in our community. When: August 15, 2021 Time: 5:00pm Location: 16324 international BLVD Seattle Washington 98188.

Annual Leadership Summit

Every year we host a youth summit that is geared to answer many troubling issues within our community. Our youth are integrating in ways that are not always as productive as we would have hoped. Some are plagued with drug addition and have fallen into criminal activities. YFRC has partnered with a number of local area dugsis, religious organizations and city council member to bring solutions that will change this negative narrative to a positive outlook for our future generations.

We are serious about changing the tide for the betterment of the greater King County Washington.

For more information or if you are interested in become our partner in this endeavor please consider becoming a volunteer or donating to this very vital and worthy cause please call us directly or contact us here.