Summer Food Service Program:

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) provides nutritious meals at no cost to children in low-income communities when school is not in session. All children and teens (age 18 and under) who visit the organization’s approved SFSP feeding site can receive meals at no cost. No registrations or applications are required. Meals are also available for people with disabilities who are over age 18 and participate in school programs for the mentally or physically disabled.

CACFP Childcare Centers & CACFP At-Risk

The organization provides yearly ongoing nutritious meals and snacks to participating children at Afterschool Centers in the greater King County Washington. After school Tutoring is an educational enrichment program designed to help low income families who live in the inner-city community. The program is designed to demonstrate that the trend of poor student achievement can be reversed and that every student can master academic standards if they are given chance, times, support and instructions that focuses on their academic needs. The tutoring program provides tutoring sessions for students who need one-on-one help with their homework and assignments. The purpose of the program is to provide opportunities to extend our students' learning time to outside the regular classroom day. The tutoring program targets our underachievers whom we often lose due to their lack of success. The program gives students an opportunity to do homework, use computers, get help and/or study in a pleasant, well-supervised environment. The core subjects that we spent most of the time are homework help, math and language art and Islamic studies.

Nature of Operations (Continued)

ESL Program

ESL program is designed to improve adult student’s English skills including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Reclaim High School Dropouts Program

The purpose the reclaim high school dropouts is to help reconnect high school dropouts with their education. The program focuses newly high dropout under age of 18. Students are registered through virtual school which YFRC is partnered with to complete their high school diploma requirements at the organization’s centers. As result of this program, students who had little chance of graduating from high school are achieving post-secondary success.

Early Graduation Program (EGP)

Young adults graduating early in high school means giving up many traditional after-school activities but it also means gaining opportunities that students usually do not obtain when they are not in school. It is the wish of every parent to see they child getting out of high school as soon as possible knowing that graduating early can be more beneficial in the long run. It allows young adults to prosper by starting college early and moving to accomplish life goals and objectives ahead of schedule.

Sports Activities

Basketball and Soccer Tournament. The organizations holds annual basketball and Soccer torments for different age groups. Normally the games continue through quarterly. There is championship for the winning team for each quarter.

Workshops and Seminars

    The organization also provides annual workshops for different topics including
  • Health Seminars
  • College preparation courses
  • Crime prevention workshops
  • Health and wellness Seminars